Tired of Tangles? Discover How To Wash Hair With Tape In Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions, everyone’s favorite semi-permanent helpful hand to gain length and volume to your hair, are best kept in ship shape when you wash them correctly. Like any other material used in our lives, tape in hair extensions needs care and attention to remain harmless and beautiful.

Learning how to clean tape-ins properly will provide your luscious locks with a life of love, allowing the extensions to stay longer before needing to be re-rooted. And luckily, “clean tape-ins” is a fairly straightforward concept to follow!

Whether you’re a hair extension rookie or a pro, one of the essential steps in maintaining luscious locks is learning how to clean your invisible tape extensions correctly. Lucky for you, our guide is here to make it easy peasy! Looking after your extensions this way not only keeps them looking fab but also means they last longer, so you can enjoy gorgeous volume and length day in and day out. All it takes is a few simple steps, and voila – silky smooth hair! So go ahead and take advantage of the small investment that comes with having long locks. You won’t regret it!

Preparation To Wash Hair With Tape In Extensions

If you recently installed tape in extensions, you may wonder how to best wash and care for them. Washing your hair with tape-in extensions can be tricky, but with the right approach and tips, it doesn’t have to be daunting!

If you are planning to wash your hair with tape-in extensions, preparing appropriately for the process is essential. To ensure that your hair remains healthy and protected during the wash, follow these tips:

Gather The Materials Needed

To prepare for the perfect wash of your tape-in extensions, let’s begin by gathering everything you need. Start by finding your favorite shampoo and conditioner – pick the one that breathes life into your hair.

Grab hold of a comb and make sure it’s wide-toothed to get through those tough knots without dragging them across the scalp.

Now check the temperature, as lukewarm water is best when it comes to washing this type of hair extension – any higher or lower can cause damage.

Finally, grab a bowl nearby so you may gather all the suds from your shampoo and conditioner mixture, an essential step for achieving hydration and optimal health.

Detangle Hair Before Washing

One of the most important steps you can take before washing hair with extensions is to brush and detangle it gently. Not only will doing so help reduce damage to your hair, but it’ll also make sure your locks stay looking as luxurious and beautiful as ever.

Plus, gently brushing your hair helps ensure any knots or tangles don’t become more matted, which can create a world of problems.

So make sure that before each wash day, you take a few moments to brush your hair gently – it will really pay off in the long run!

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Loosen Tapes With a Finger Or Spray Bottle

Before washing, it is essential to make sure there is no tension on the extensions, which can be done by loosening the tape with either your fingers or a spray bottle filled with lukewarm water.

This will ensure that your locks aren’t tugged or pulled during the wash process, and you can maintain those long-flowing extensions without worrying.

Fill the Bowl With Lukewarm Water

Keeping a bowl of lukewarm water close by will ensure your hands remain accessible and work on your hair efficiently. Not only does this keep the project organized, but it also allows you to obtain better results, accuracy, and a more professional finish.

Lukewarm water adds flexibility to the tape bonds, making them quicker and easier to pull apart for a seamless completion that even the most meticulous customer can appreciate.

All-in-all, having a bowl of lukewarm water close by for tape-in extensions is an indispensable part of the process that nobody should skip!

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Unlock A World Of Convenience With Our Washing Process

Tape-in extensions are a great way to switch up your look without having to make any drastic changes, but it is important to take the time to properly wash and care for tape-in hair extensions. 

Discover the Art of Cleansing Your Tape-In Extensions!

Wet Hair And Apply Shampoo

When it comes to tape-in hair extensions, washing your locks using sulfate-free shampoo is the wave of the future. By being gentle and deliberate in your hair care routine, you can extend the lifespan of your tape-ins while also ensuring that the adhesive used to put them in remains intact. 

Massage Scalp And Extensions

To help preserve tape in extension, you should rub gently but thoroughly along your scalp and avoid bringing down too far down the ends unless there is product buildup present. 

Moreover, brushing through them with your fingertips will be a struggle with tape-ins due to their closeness to one another, so try using the palms of your hands instead. Above all, take extra care not to be too rough when lathering up as this could result in premature slippage or tape pieces falling out from the product and getting into the adhesive glue!

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Rinse Thoroughly With Lukewarm Water

Washing your tresses can be a daunting experience each time, but washing your tape in hair extensions is especially nerve-wracking. After going through the tedious and time-consuming process of shampooing, you must take a few extra moments to rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Doing this will help to ensure that all of the suds have been rinsed off and that your hair will remain in top-notch condition. 

Apply Conditioner And Leave For 3-5 Minutes

When it comes to caring for tape hair extensions, conditioning is a must for keeping your locks looking fabulous!

But it’s important to remember that conditioners should never be applied directly to the scalp. Doing so will reduce the stickiness of the adhesive and lead to weft pieces divorcing from their homes on your head. 

Make sure to only apply conditioner from mid-length downward, leaving it in for five minutes or so – that way the hair can soak up all the good stuff. And don’t forget about leave-in conditioners – these are an excellent way of adding luster and moisture in between washes. 

So trust us when we say: don’t put conditioner too close to your scalp but don’t forget about it either!

Rinse Again Thoroughly With Lukewarm Water

After conditioning your tape-in extensions, the last step is to again give them a thorough rinse with lukewarm water. Not only will this allow all the excess conditioner and product to be washed out of your hair, but it will also make sure that you don’t damage your precious extensions in the washing process.

A thorough rinse ensures that no soap or conditioner residue could cause breakage or damage down the line.

Taking a few extra moments to ensure the washing process is complete will go a long way in protecting both the health of your locks and your investment in beautiful hair extensions!

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Transform Your Hair Extensions With Drying And Re-Taping

Breathing new life into your beloved hair extensions is almost like giving them a makeover – and re-taping tape in extensions can help do just that! The process can turn limp, lifeless tapes back into strong, vibrant strips of hold. 

For those who want to revitalize their hair extensions without having to buy all new sets, re-taping is a lifesaver. It ensures beautiful bounce and the body is back in place for a long-lasting look you won’t have to constantly touch up.

Gently Blot Hair With a Towel

One of the most important steps for achieving picture-perfect locks is removing any excess moisture after you wash your hair. Instead of vigorously drying with a towel, use a gentler approach and just gently blot to dry. 

It’s an old-school secret that every hairdresser knows: start with blotting away as much water as possible before you pick up the blow dryer — it’ll save time and your tape-in extensions will last longer.

Apply Silicone-Based Conditioner

The key to maintaining tape in hair extensions is using silicone-based conditioner. This will help strengthen the bonds that hold the tape in place as well as protect them from possible damage caused by heat styling such as blow drying your hair. 

You’ll find that with consistent conditioning, your tape-in hair extensions will stay vibrant and look brand new!

Brush Hair With Bristle Brush

Brushing your hair gently with a bristle brush before putting in tape in hair extensions is essential for ensuring an easy installation. The bristles gently remove any tangles or knots that may be present, allowing the extensions to lay more naturally on the head and stick in place without issue. 

Taking the time to do this small step before applying the tapes will save you a lot of time and hassle down the line as everything will come out looking smooth and perfect!

Secure Tapes With Clips

Ensuring that your tape-in hair extensions stay secure is key to having a flawless look. Secure the tapes with clips correctly by firmly attaching them to the extension strips so they won’t come undone while you’re drying or styling your hair.  This will avoid any frustration and maintain a perfect finish for all of your favorite looks. 

Securing the strips firmly will help ensure that your tresses remain tangle-free and beautiful, ready to take on whatever style you desire!

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Allow Hair To Air Dry Or Use A Diffuser On Low Heat Setting

If you want to keep your tape-in hair extensions looking and feeling their very best then, a gentle method to dry is the way to go! Air drying is a great option but sometimes a diffuser on a low heat setting may be necessary. This helps retain moisture and prevents damage as it gently distributes the air evenly throughout the extensions. 

With air drying or using a diffuser on a low heat setting, your hair will thank you for being so gentle with it!

Maintenance And Care Tips

Taking proper care of your tape in hair extensions is essential for ensuring they last as long as possible. Start by giving them the attention they deserve when it comes to maintenance. 

Discover the Secret to Long-Lasting, Gorgeous Tape-in Extensions!

Limit Use Of Heat Styling Tools

Preserve your extension’s splendid charm by sparing it from heat-styling tools’ merciless clutches!

Avoid Sleeping With Wet Hair

Hitting the hay with wet tresses may transform those tapes into feeble bond-breakers, making your dreams a little too wild!

Regularly Visit Stylist To Replace Tapes

Embark on frequent rendezvous with your stylist, who’ll work their magic to rejuvenate your appearance and bestow upon you the gift of a flawlessly snug fit!

Use Sulfate-free And Alcohol-Free Products

Pamper your extensions with sulfate-and-alcohol-free elixirs to make them look like a million bucks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Swim With Tape-In Extensions?

Dive into the aquatic bliss with a resounding yes to swimming! Just ensure your luscious extensions aren’t submerged for too long and give them a swift dry once you’ve emerged from the watery depths.

How Often Should Tape-in Extensions Be Washed?

Resist the urge to indulge in daily hair washes. Instead, maintain your fabulous locks with no more than three weekly washes, or better yet, just two! Embrace this stylish secret and keep those tape-ins looking flawless.


When opting for tape-in hair extensions, you must be aware of the commitment it means. However, if the directions are followed correctly and with dedication, you’ll find that your extension maintenance time is significantly reduced while still ensuring they last – like magic! 

By washing your extensions according to the golden rules listed above, you should experience natural-looking luscious locks without having to constantly run back to the hairdresser. 

Just remember – if it was easy anyone could do it! Give yourself a pat on the back if you’re willing to put in a little effort for such big rewards. And let us know in the comments how many pats you’re done with!

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