Does Shapewear Actually Work? Here’s Your Answer

Being ladies, we’re prone to acquiring lumps, bumps, and a wobbly figure from time to time. But shapewear can help you get to something that you can call the “instant, long-lasting fix.” Basically, it’s a body minimizer that maximizes the confidence level you desire or need while socializing. Above all, it’s a companion of yours that enhances the beauty of your sleek physique and keeps girls in your friend zone in a continuous desire to be like you. But ‘where does all the fluff go,’ ‘does shapewear work,’ or ‘how does shapewear work‘ are the primary queries that might have restrained you from enjoying this miraculous undergarment. So let’s explain the thing real quick.

Does Shapewear Work?

Absolutely. It works by moving and leveling up the fat into desirable places and areas where muscles are compressed. Made up of Nylon and Spandex, shapewear is cut into such a pattern that, when worn, it sucks and tucks your body into shape. The higher the nylon content, the better the shaping. Essentially, the fat is pushed up to the bikini area or other desirable areas of your body, allowing you to appear slim and in shape.

That being said, shapewear designers craft the product with all the slim and firm body science and technology in their minds. Truly, this manufacturing approach combined with shapewear-satisfied women answers your very question, “does shapewear work.” Now, just knowing ‘does shapewear work’ isn’t the thing I’m going to leave you with. Instead, being aware of some of the major controversies, myths, reservations, and other general concerns associated with these magical wears is the only key to having an incredible time in the world of shapewear. So let’s join hands and jump ahead straight together.

Is Using Shapewear Safe for Your Body?

It all depends on you, dear friend. A hard-fast rule is that shapewear won’t care what and how many negative impacts you’re going to experience if you don’t care about quality, proper sizing, your custom shaping needs, and proper hygiene of the garment. But no one can stop you from looking and feeling your best if you do the right thing. Here are my top tips in this regard:

Find Out a High-quality Piece

An ill-sized or poorly designed shapewear might make you look and feel worse and lead your experience to a nightmare. However, some common problems you might face by having low-quality shapewear are:

  • Shapewear squeeze the body, but a low-quality piece will do something unwanted. Such shapewear will create difficulty moving and cause back pain as well.
  • A low-quality shapewear will cause itching and rashes each time you wear it, even though you clean it properly after each use.
  • Lastly, low-quality shapewear doesn’t get the job done. Instead, it draws people’s attention to the wrong areas of your body. And this is something that harms your self-esteem, if not your body in particular.

Choose the Right Size

Are you going down on shapewear size, thinking it will slim things even better? If so, then it’s the biggest blunder that you might have ever made to your body. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true. Therefore, you must get a shapewear according to your actual body size because of the following reasons:

  • First, too tight shapewear can make you have tingling sensations and numbness since it interrupts blood circulation in the body. Especially if the garment is too tight on hips or thighs, it will banish blood circulation to the lower legs causing swelling or over squeezing on the area.
  • Secondly, poorly-fit shapewear never lets the gas produced during food digestion escape or adjust inside. This results in ultimate gassiness and bloating – a long-lasting discomfort that shapewear is not supposed to cause.
  • Finally, the worst thing for women in their 50s or above is the potential risk of worsening pelvic organ prolapse. This happens just because of the increased pressure inside the tummy as the result of wearing extra-tight shapewear.

Customize Your Shaping Needs

Shapewear generally comes into three levels – smooth, shape, and sculpt, from levels 1-3, respectively. These very levels offer more or less stretch and thus enable you to customize your look as per your needs or desires.

Wash Regularly

Shapewear is the only thing that is much closer to your body. In fact, it hugs you even before your partner does. And this means it absorbs sweat and your body odor. As a result, uncleaned shapewear can cause skin irritation, itchiness, rashes, or even skin allergy. So the best thing to do is to clean it properly after each use. Don’t just throw it into the washer and dryer; instead, gently use your hands, don’t twist or roll it, and lay it down flat to dry once cleaned. Being careless in cleanliness will make you ask, “how long does shapewear work” instead of asking simply, “does shapewear work?

How Long Should You Wear Shapewear?

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Wearing shapewear for too long isn’t recommended. Shapewear offers full-body coverage and a high level of compression. And that’s why it can make you feel a bit uncomfortable or squeezed if worn for too long. However, the rule of thumb is to wear it for a maximum of 8 hours. Now, I’m excited to take the discussion a step further if you’re still curious about the way you’ve been for the question “does shapewear work.” So, here are 3 Ss as the dos and don’ts for having shapewear put on.

  • Sweating – Experiencing excessive sweating even if you don’t have shapewear on is an indicator of minimizing the duration. Your more than usual sweating and that produced by shapewear can make you feel a bit more irritating and uncomfortable. Also, additional sweating can lead to a build-up of bacteria on the skin, so make sure you wear shapewear for less than 8 hours in a single turn.
  • Skin Conditions – A skin with any skin issues such as rashes or skin allergy would also require you to cut short on the wearing time. 
  • Seasons – By following the shapewear safety rules mentioned above, you won’t have to bother about the season you wear shapewear in. But wearing shapewear for too long especially in the summer season can make things hotter inside than it is outside.

Does Shapewear Work for Each Body Type?

Yes, shapewear does its job for each body type. Shapewear are difference-makers, not creators! They know no bounds, whether it’s apple, pear, pencil, or hourglass body type. The only thing you need to do is know your body type and get a perfect fit that makes sense for you.

5 Different Types of Shapewear

Well, I guess asking “does shapewear work” means you’re about to get one for yourself. And I don’t know which worry spot of your body you’re going to hit. So, I intend to be a bit open to you and put the five types of shapewear and my top recommendations to go ahead with before you. You choose which shapewear works best for what is loose – on your body.

1. For Lower Belly Pooch

It’s quite common for your body to hold fat on the lower belly and give you a flesh bump there. So here are the ten best shapewear for lower belly pooch at your disposal to hide all that tummy bulge. However, if you ask me, I’d say Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts is the best one for lower belly pooch.

Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts
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Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

  • 360° Coverage from Tummy to Thighs
  • Smoothing and Sculpting
  • High Compression Level
  • Creates a Smooth and Seamless Look
  • Features Anti-slip Technology
  • Machine Washable

2. For Fupa

F.U.P.A. ‘Fat Upper Pubic Area’ is an extra roll of skin on the lower abdomen. And this is something that most women experience and get anxious about having. Unfortunately, if you’ve already got one, there’s nothing to worry about. Try any of these ten best shapewear for fupa and achieve a sleek, slim profile without showing off a muffin-top with any dress on. My recommended shapewear for fupa would be Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear.

Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear
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Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear

  • Multifunctional Full Body Shapewear
  • Ultra Strong Tummy Control
  • Heart-Shaped Hip Design with Resistance Band
  • Butt Lifting Effect and Breast Support
  • Shoulder Straps with 3 Rows of Hook Closure Design
  • 2 Plastic Bones to prevent Rolling
  • Open Crotch Design

3. For Tummy and Back Fat

Lower belly bulge padding around the hips and waist and rolls in the back are disastrous And feeling worried about it isn’t enough because action speaks louder than emotions! So, try out any of these must-haves, the ten best shapewear for tummy and back fat to hide what’s keeping you from looking curvy – simply, ‘sexy’.! For me, Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear worked the best.

Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear
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Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear

  • Exclusive Lycra Mesh Design
  • Released Hip Pressure and Added Core Stability
  • Natural Butt Lift Effect
  • 3D Stereo Cutting
  • Enhanced Tummy Control
  • Double-Needle Stitch

4. For Tummy and Waist

Something in the middle indicates how fitter, healthier, and of course, sexier and glorious you are. That is the area that starts from the belly button and ends to the left-right. For such a large stomach, I’ve jotted down all the ten best shapewear for tummy and waist that I think is 100% worth the investment. However, if you want specifics, I’d suggest you go with FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear for tummy and waist.

FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear
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FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear

  • 360 Degrees of Firm Compression and Trimming Action
  • Elastic and Breathable Fabric
  • Maximum Support for Postpartum Belly
  • Unique Bra Design
  • Unique Open Crotch Design
  • Double Compression to Correct Posture

5. For Bodycon Dresses

Shapewear also shows up when it comes to being choosy in terms of dressing. A tight-fitting charm clutching all your curves is the bodycon dress that you’ve finally found. But the thing is, how will you hide all your flaws with that tight, figure-hugging dress on? Well, shapewear is the best answer. You can take your best pick out of the ten best shapewear for bodycon dresses anytime, anywhere. However, considering all aspects, our team makes FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear a winner again for bodycon dresses.

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FeelinGirl Seamless Firm Triple Control Bodysuit Shapewear

  • Top Grade Spanx and Nylon Fabrics
  • Convenient Zipper Crotch Design
  • Peach Buttock For Single Fabric in Hip
  • Plastic Bones to Prevent Rolling
  • Adjustable and Detachable Shoulder Straps

Final Words

So ‘does shapewear work’ was a simple question, and it made me super excited to take you through a helpful guide. Now, it’s your turn. Hop in those slimming, stretchy undergarments, no matter whether you like wearing shapewear while working out, handling household chores, or just having fun outdoors. I wish you the best of luck for acquiring a natural beauty with the help of literally supernatural fabrics!

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