How to Dry Your Hair When Camping? A Simple Yet Effective Guide

When camping, keeping your hair clean is extremely important. And to do so, you’d never prefer water-wash as it leaves your hair wet. Are you thinking of using dry shampoos? Good idea but ultimately isn’t the proper solution. Many other ventures within your camping regimen  – swimming, scuba diving, and simply rain-bathing – give you wet, clumsy hair. Once those joyous times are gone, that damp hair causes irritation and unwanted heaviness on the head. Wet hair isn’t only prone to getting dirty. It can also give you a cold or flu. You never want that extra heaviness, too. Right?

Turns out, the need to keep your hair clean and dry when camping is undeniable. But you might be facing a tough time figuring out ‘how to dry hair when camping?’ Well, this is precisely what we dedicated this entire piece of text to. So what should be cleared out beforehand is:

Can I Dry My Hair When Camping?

Whether camping on established campsites or in the wilderness, there are easy ways to dry your hair without needing a hair dryer. However, we’ve made it possible if you still want your hair dryer with you! Read on to find how and other methods to dry your hair when camping.

While you’re on the camping adventure, there are circumstances ready to fade the enjoyment. In some scenarios, electricity is available, and there are times when it’s not. So to blow the air in your favor (pun intended), we’ve listed out all the options, tips, and tricks you can use to dry your hair as comfortably as you do at home.

Getting Your Hair Dried at a National Park(s) Campground

Many NPS Campgrounds offer standard restrooms and other facilities to accommodate campers and tourists. Before you book one, give customer service a call and ask the following questions.

Assuming you’re already in the campground, these questions will alternate with the practical steps you’ll have to take to confirm the availability of the drying options.

Do They Offer Shower Blocks with Hair Dryers Provided?

If yes, no worries at all. You simply have the dryer readily available whenever you need it. But there’s something we’re afraid about if you hear ‘yes.’

You don’t know the type, brand, or quality of the hair dryer they provide. They might have left hidden defects in the dryer. So you might be the first immediate-after user ready to be teased. Asking for the campground team’s oral or written dryer specs seems awkward. Nonetheless, it’s time-wasting.

Now, you have two options: Compromise on the campground’s dryer or take your favorite one with you. If you choose the latter option, you’ll need to ask them the following question:

Do They have Power Outlets in the Shower Blocks?

Now, the solution for all those hair dryer-related issues lies within the ‘comforting’ Yes! You might have guessed, we guess. You’ll Take your hair dryer with you which you’ve already purchased. The only thing you need on the campsite is the available power outlet. We consider this the best option. You bought the dryer according to your hair type, the quality of the dryer, and the brand you like. So, there’s nothing awkward you can compromise on whenever you need to dry your hair.

If you hear ‘no,’ ask them:

Do They Offer an Electric Hookup?

Pretty much all of the established Campgrounds provide electric hookups.  However, for the most part, the hookup is only available to RVs. You can run your hair dryer from the power those RVs provide.

Still, a few well-established, reputable campgrounds make spared hookups available to tent campers too.

If you hear ‘yes,’ immediately ask:

RVs Hookups?

Chances are they would say ‘yes.’ If so, you need a special adapter cable that you can get for a few bucks and add RV-generated power directly to your tent. Then, if you have any, you don’t need to stick to the RV to power your hair dryer and other appliances. Additionally, this method is beneficial when you don’t want the pressure of letting someone else use the RV for hair drying.

You know when the question ‘How to dry your hair when camping’ haunts even more? When you move on from the well-established, heavily featured campgrounds to a bit more dispersed or wild camping.

How to Dry Your Hair While Wild Camping

Wild camping, dispersed, dry, or pirate camping, is camping away from well-established, highly facilitative campgrounds. This camping tests whether you can survive (you enjoy it, BTW) in a scenario different from your household. No restrooms, drinking water, and of course, no electricity, and many things you can miss out on. So, how do you dry your hair when camping in such a relatively challenging environment?

Dry Your Hair Using a Hair Dryer

Well, how to dry your hair when camping while there’s no electricity at all? We have the solution – create your source of power which you can run your hair dryer through. You only need to have:

A Full Tent Camping Power Set-Up

So, the entire power set-up will contain three things:

  1. An Inverter Generator
  2. A Deep Rechargeable Battery, and;
  3. An Extension Cord.

The inverter generator will create electricity which you can use to run your hair dryer. Now, the idea of carrying a machine doesn’t seem like a good one. You don’t want to take something heavier and space-filling while camping. So what we responsibly recommend is the Westinghouse iGen2200 portable inverter generator. Click here to see the full view of the product; let’s have a quick synopsis of the benefits it offers:

  • It provides up to 2200 wattage, allowing you to use even high-power dryers. For example, hair dryers for 4C hair need a minimum of 1600 watts to blow-dry this hair type safely and effectively. That said, you have enough power to run most hair dryers, regardless of your hair type.
  • Lightweight and quiet compared to other heavy-duty generators – 46Lbs, and 52 dBA noise output.
  • It has a 12-hour run time on a 1.2-gallon gas tank. Features ‘economy mode’ for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Featuring a built-in carrying handle for easy portability, the generator safely powers sensitive electronics like plasma/LCD televisions, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices by producing clean, stable power at less than 3% THD.

We love the favor our Inverter Generator does us. But there are times when we don’t want to run it. Instead, we want to dry our hair sitting in silent nature. This is where a Deep Cycle Leisure Battery comes in handy. You simply have to attach it to the Generator, and whenever it is turned on, the battery gets charged and stores the energy for future use. Of course, you’ll need to attach your dryer to the battery instead of the Generator for power.

The extension cord is handy when you want to stay distant from the generator while drying your hair. Also, no doubt this inverter generator flows a stable electricity voltage, but there still can be voltage fluctuation. So, it’s best to use an extension cord to ensure you get the required voltage.

We recommend the UltraPro Extension Cord which:

  • Has a ‘double insulated,’ durable 25 feet cord.
  • Containing 3 Total power outlets, the extension provides 13 Amps, 125 volts, and 1625 watts.

So Pick Up the Hair Dryer Now!

Till this point, everything’s at your fingertips. So now is the time to pick the hair dryer up with confidence. But we’re afraid that you can face an issue when using the dryer. That’s related to the power cord.

Whether the dryer’s power cord is short or a bit longer, storing it can be a troublesome chore. The improper handling and storage of the cable can cause it to get damaged, leading to many other issues. You can’t afford to spend your time buying things rather than enjoying the moments. Right?

The solution?

A Cord-Keeping Reel: The Solution to Your Existing Hair Dryer

A cord-keeping reel is a tool used to spiral up the unused length of the cord of a hair dryer. This means that only the used part of the cord is exposed, and the rest of the line will be coiled into the reel. Sometimes, the user has to coil up the rope manually, or other times it’s done automatically.

What’s Our Special Choice in Retractable Reels?

None other than

Cordero CP-M5, Mini and Small Residential Cord Organizer

The Cordero Cord Organizer/Winder is not only for your existing hair dryer cord handling; it also works best for your residential cords and cables. Let it be a speaker, phone cable, and any other home appliance cable/cord; this hair dryer cord keeper makes organizing and managing cord tangles effortless.

We have two great options if you haven’t purchased a dryer yet.

Use a Normal Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

A hairdryer featuring a cord that can retract back into the dryer after each use is ideal for such cord-related issues. You can choose from any of the best retractable cord hair dryers or, if you like, can make a quick pick that is:

Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer

The dryer’s folding handle and retractable cord ensure compact storage, making it easy to pack in a suitcase or carry-on bag or even in the tiniest places in your camping tent set-up. Plus, its dual voltage makes it perfect for worldwide usage.

Suitable for all hair types, this dryer features two heat/speed settings, allowing for drying flexibility. Additionally, the dryer offers ionic technology, which gives a frizz-free, smooth, and shinier finish.

Use a Cordless Hair Dryer

Yes, you got it right. It’s a hair dryer with no cord at all. Instead, these dryers have detachable and rechargeable batteries, often placed into the handle.

When buying this type of hair dryer, make sure it has the following features:

  • The battery handle should be detached from the barrel to store in your suitcase or handbag.
  • It should be lightweight, durable, safe to use, and should have a fast charging speed.
  • Like traditional hair dryers, it, too, should contain variable heating/speed settings.
  • It should be suitable for all hair types.

After extensive research, we found the UAARHAIR Cordless Hair Dryer as the only product meeting all the above qualities.

How Can You Dry Your Hair While Camping With Your Car?

In case you aren’t familiar with it, “car camping” is a kind of camping where you can drive your vehicle to your campsite. Car camping allows you to easily carry camping luxuries such as generators, glamping gear, grills, large tents, etc. But if you just can’t wait until you set your tent up and run the generator, the only option left is to use your car to dry your hair.

There are three methods to do so:

  1. Purchase and Use a 12V Hair Dryer
  2. Get an Inverter to Use a Normal Hair Dryer
  3. Use Your Car’s Vents to Dry Your Hair

Purchase and Use a 12V(Volts) Hair Dryer

So, what is it, and does it work?

A 12V hair dryer is a small, lightweight hair dryer that utilizes the 12-volt power outlet of your vehicle/car, so it is named a 12V dryer. Their compact design and the ability to eliminate the need to towel-dry your hair make them an excellent alternative to the dryers you use in your home.

However, being habitual to a high-power dryer featuring a host of functions and frills might cause this dryer to be a downgrade. Plus, 12V dryers have very low wattage and thus make hair drying more time-consuming isn’t preferable. But that’s not to say they’re not worth a buy – when you’re pushed for space and the only source of power is nothing but your car, a 12V hair dryer can be something of a lifesaver. In addition, though a 12V dryer might not give the styles, you otherwise have when at home, you can at least take the chill off on those cold mornings rather than moving around with wet hair.

Are we missing out on something? Yep. Our top recommendation!

This Portable 12V Car-Styling Hair Dryer is the best bet. This dryer has a compact design and a folding handle, making it easy to store. Plus, a 1.5-meter-long cable allows flexible mobility. In addition, it features a heat-protection system and is of 216-watt power.

Get an Inverter to Use a Normal Hair Dryer

If you still can’t skip your existing high-power dryer or are thinking of buying one, we can’t force you. Even though your car doesn’t have enough power to run an ordinary hair dryer, we’ve still got a solution for you. You need something that converts the car’s 12 volts of DC power into 110 volts of AC, primarily if you’re residing in the U.S. The BESTEK Power Inverter does just that.

BESTEK, America’s leading power inverter brand, has added three 110V AC outlets to this inverter. As a result, the inverter provides 2000 watts continuous DC to AC power and 2300 watts max(Not continuous output).

Additionally, the inverter features an overload protection system, preventing your hair dryer or other appliances from getting damaged. Finally, it contains a short circuit LED light alarm – The red light is under protection (shut down), and the green light is usually working.

Use Your Car’s Vents to Dry Your Hair

Yes, you can use what you often reserve for the cold winter days for your hair. This is probably the best way to dry your hair while driving your car simultaneously.

You’ll need patience since it can be a time-consuming way to dry your hair. Also, vents will dry most of your head area, but the hair on the back might stay wet or a little damper than the rest.

Drying Your Hair Without Using Electricity

Some hair-drying methods don’t require any electric generators, inverters, or even a hair dryer. These are:

Let Your Hair Air Dry Naturally

It seems like a simple enough concept – just let nature be at work. Yes, it is. But if you want your hair to look smoother and frizz-free, you need to keep in mind a few tips and tricks:

  • First, use a towel/t-shirt to soak away excess water.
  • Next, detangle your hair using a comb/brush. A wide-teeth comb is ideal.
  • Start from the ends and move your way up to the roots until all knots are removed.
  • Once done combing, hydrate your hair using a leave-in moisturizer. This will combat pesky flyaways and prevent your hair from becoming frizzy or frayed.
  • Now leave it to get air-dried.

Use a Microfiber Hair Wrap

If you’ve never used this before, a microfiber hair wrap is a cloth specifically designed to soak up the water from wet hair. Microfiber wrap-based drying doesn’t involve rubbing your hair.

You must follow a few steps, and your hair dries in minutes. However, drying time may depend on your hair volume and length.


  • Hold the wrap with both hands, with the button facing upwards.
  • Tip your head and hair forward so that your hair flips over your head.
  • Gather your hair in the wrap and start twisting it while the wrap is covering the hair.
  • Flip the wrap to the nape of the neck.
  • Secure the wrap by looping the hoop around the button.

It’s that simple. What makes the process more simple, easy, and result-oriented is the uniquely designed YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for women. So smooth on the touch, this microfiber wrap offers fast drying – it absorbs more than ten times its weight in water. This wrap is lightweight, durable, and contains a unique twist and loop system.

Shake Out Your Hair with a Towel and Brushes

We mean using a standard towel you usually use at home for your face and hair. But here, we allow you to use the one once the microfiber towel has left your hair at least 70% dry.

Use an excellent absorbing high-quality towel while shaking your hair every two minutes without the towel on. Afterward, use a brush to detangle your hair to prevent frizz and brittleness.

Remember not to use your ordinary hair brush. Instead, opt for the one that has the qualities you require when camping.

ALAZCO Folding Hair Brush Is the best option we recommend. This brush has a space-saving design – folds down to mini size to fit even in your small handbag. Plus, it contains seven rows of flexible nylon bristles with massaging ball tips. In addition, the brush has a compact mirror inside and is ideal for travel, camping, and gym.

Final Thought

To your query, ‘how to dry your hair when camping,’ we think we’ve covered pretty much everything. We know how fun and learning camping offers, but it can test you with lots of challenges in drying your hair. That’s why we tried to put only the easy methods to perform while not making you feel you’re not into camping but doing an annoying household chore. You are a creative soul who can try out many different things whenever you need to dry your hair—leaving you anticipating that you can discover more fun ways whenever you want those droplets to go away!

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