Go Sweet & Simple: Easy Hacks On How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar!

Gel nail polish is taking over in the beauty world – and with good reason! It’s a gel-based polish, which makes it much easier for gel artists and salons to apply and shape nails exactly as you desire. 

You desired it; you got it. And Loved it, right? But what you hated was the struggle to remove the gel when you were rushing for your next favorite nail shape or color shade. That struggle would’ve lasted forever until we told you this: Removing that pesky gel polish that’s been making your hands look less than their best will take no effort at all.

With just a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to remove your favorite shades using nothing more than sugar. Not only is this an inexpensive and more eco-friendly approach compared to store-bought remover kits, but it’s also gentler on nails. 

From preparing for the task to aftercare for the best possible results, this guide will show you all the tips and tricks needed to help you remove gel nail polish with sugar. So, what are you holding out for? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Does Sugar Soak up Nail Polish? 

Well, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Cleaning up nail polish may seem like an insurmountable task, but remember – sugar is your best friend!

Loosen up; removing even the most difficult gel nail polish is simpler than you might think! Who knew that something as sweet as sugar could be repurposed to act as a magical nail polish remover? It’s true- the crystals contained in sugar contain just the right properties for wiping away gel nail polish from your fingertips. With zero chemicals required, there’s nothing to worry about when you use this natural solution! 

Just grab a container of sugar and firmly sprinkle it on the spilled polish – it will instantly absorb the nail polish. Leave it for two minutes before using a damp paper towel to remove it, and you’re all set!

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How Long Does Gel Polish Last?

Gel polish has a two-week lifespan without chipping or fading. On the other hand, regular nail polish usually lasts only a few days before it starts to chip. The main reason why gel polish lasts so much longer than regular nail polish is that the gel formula bonds with natural nails. This creates a stronger and more durable finish that is less likely to chip or fade. 

Another reason why gel polish lasts longer is that it is cured under ultraviolet or LED light. This curing process helps to further strengthen the bond between the gel polish and the natural nails. 

However, it is important to note that every person’s nails are different, and some people may find that their gel polish starts to chip or fade sooner than two weeks.

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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar? Get Ready for The Main Show!

If you’re ready to remove gel nail polish and start fresh, we’ve got great news for you! Follow the guidelines below, and you will see just how effortless it is to get off pesky gel nail polish: 

Prep Your Nails for the Process

Before you start, there are a few important steps that must be taken for the most successful and safe removal. 

1. Trim Your Nails

Having neatly trimmed nails not only adds a little extra polish to your look, but it can also be beneficial when removing the gel polish – reducing the risk of damaging or breaking your fingernails in the process.

While focussing on the importance of neatly trimmed nails in gel nail polish removal procedure, we stress on ‘proper trimming’ which an ordinary trimmer might not be able to help with. You need a professional-grade, high-quality nail trimmer that helps you achieve and maintain salon-quality nails at home.

2. Soaking Nails in Warm Water

Soak your nails in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes before trying to remove the polish. This loosens the bond between your nails and the polish. Scientifically, the warm water opens up nail polish molecules, making it easier for the polish to leave the nails sooner than expected.

3. Wash Your Hands

When it comes to taking off your gel mani, leaving no stone unturned is an absolute must! Make sure you scrub that mani down like you’re preparing it for a beauty pageant. Give it some oomph, and don’t overlook the details – pay special attention to zapping away any excess dirt or oil that could be standing between you and picture-perfect nails!

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 01: Mix a Small Amount of Sugar & Few Drops of Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Grinding the sugar particles to a medium size and adding a mixture of a small amount of granulated sugar and a couple of drops of non-acetone nail polish remover will create the perfect soak for your nails.

Step 2: Use the Orange Wood Cuticle Stick

The Orange Wood Cuticle Stick is the perfect tool for making this task easy and efficient. This cuticle stick is made with an extra-fine tip that allows you to remove gel nail polish without damaging or tearing your precious nails. Plus, its easy-grip handle makes handling and applying pressure comfortable and effortless.

Step 3: Apply the Sugar Mixture to Each Nail

Add two tablespoons of sugar to a bowl of warm water, stirring the mixture until the sugar has dissolved completely.

Step 4: Gently Rub the Mixture

Soak your nails in this solution for 10 to 15 minutes after the sugar has been dissolved in the warm water. Gently massaging it on the nail will help remove the gel nail polish easily – no mess or damage is required!

Step 5: Use a Cotton Ball or Pad to Remove the Loosened Polish

After 10-15 minutes of soaking your nails in the sugar solution, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step. With a cotton pad or ball in hand, gently remove the loosened nail polish from each fingernail bed. If needed, you can use cotton swabs and cotton buds to get into those hard-to-reach places without fuss!

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-4 Times If Necessary

Doing diy gel nail polish at home with sugar as an ingredient can be loads of creative fun! Let your inner artist run wild! So grab a towel and some relaxing music, and repeat these steps as many times as needed.

Step 7: Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

If you have any residue left on your nails, wash them with warm water – this quick and easy method will help lift the polish off. Once you’ve done this for each hand, wash your hands with soap and water to ensure all the polish remnants are gone. With just a little bit of practice, you will have perfectly shiny nails in no time!

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Aftercare Process for Nails

Once you’ve removed the gel nail polish, remember to take care of your nails! To preserve their finest appearance for longer, follow these few easy steps:

Use a Nail Strengthener

Give your nails a much-needed boost and keep them in top shape with a nail strengthener. Restore their natural strength after that gel polish removal and help your hands look healthy again!

Moisturize Your Hands and Nails

Pamper your hands with some tender loving care and keep them hydrated! After taking off the gel nail polish, take a few moments to give those digits ample moisture – this way, you can say goodbye to dry and brittle nails for good.

Wear Gloves

Keep your nails looking great while tackling household chores – wear gloves! Not only will they protect your hands from getting dirty, but they also ensure that delicate nails stay free of chips and nicks.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Keep those hardworking nails and cuticles looking their best by applying a little bit of TLC in the form of nourishing oil. A quick hydration boost will help to keep them healthy, supple, and free from brittleness.

Tips and Tricks

  • Using a Gentle Nail File can Also Help to Remove the Gel Polish

The best way to begin removing the gel polish is to lightly and evenly scrape away at the surface with a nail file. Scratch in parallel motions, being sure to apply only a little pressure and damage the nail plate beneath. This process will make it much easier for you to move on from your polished nails! 

But remember, too much filling can spell disaster for your nails – it damages your nails, making them thinner. Avoid overworking yourself: let the sugar syrup do its magic instead!

  • Avoid Using Acetone-Based Polish Removers

Nail polish remover containing acetone can be extremely damaging to your nails and cuticles. Not only will it cause your manicure to fade quickly, but the harsh chemical can also leave your nails dry and brittle, making your cuticle area dry and flaky. 

Worst of all, the nail polish remover can cause dreaded irritant contact dermatitis around your nails – redness, itchiness, inflammation-causing quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

Some Extra Words on Gel Nail Polish

Here’s some info on gel nail polish that’s worth a look to help make your sessions safer and result-oriented!

Exposure to light 

While gel manicures are one of the most popular beauty trends out there, they come with a hidden risk. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause allergies and irritations in those who have sensitive skin – even if it is just a short time!

Lacquer Acrylic

Gel polishes aren’t just like regular polish – they need a little extra love! Gels must be ‘cured’ in light, taking the paintwork to super resilient levels. Different brands may have varying curing times, but generally, it’s all pretty similar stuff!


Give your nail art a longer life by keeping it away from hot water. No baths, Jacuzzis, or long showers – just slip on some gloves for extra protection. Easy peasy!

Back-to-back Manicures are Not Recommended

With glamourous and perfect nails, why not spruce up your fingers with professional manicures? However, be aware that too much care can lead to damage. Avoid harming those precious tips by painting or removing gel polishes from the comfort of your home!

Removing process 

Removing your gel polish looks glamorous when you leave the salon, but be warned – it can take its toll on those nails! From acetone dips to hot water and scraping tools, this process has all sorts of risks that could damage delicate enamel or weaken skin and cuticles.


Gel nail polish can be a great way to spice up your look, but it comes with its risks. Dermatologists have reported cases of peeling, thinning nails, and cuticle damage, as well as uncomfortable bases and bacterial infections.

Toxic Triads

Many store-bought varieties contain the toxic trio – Toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde. These chemicals have been known to cause skin irritation as well as serious liver and thyroid diseases in humans. But don’t let that put you off! Specialist grade or vegan gel polishes are free from this deadly triad, so you can get manicured without compromising on health or safety!

Who said looking good couldn’t be safe?


So the thing is: Gel nail polishes are all the rage these days and can be used to achieve many different looks. But it could seem mission impossible if you want to switch colors or remove them altogether.

Don’t worry, though! There is a super easy solution for removing that gel polish: sugar! That’s right; applying a simple homemade sugar remedy effectively removes your gel manicure without resorting to harsh chemicals or salon treatments. Not only that, but these natural products are affordable and safe to use, so they’re accessible to pretty much everyone. 

Just grab some sugar from the store and try our handy home remedies. Voila! You’ll have gorgeous bare nails in no time at all.

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