A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Low EMF Hair Dryer

You’re a love… We’re glad you’re so generous to yourself, your customers, or whomever you’re concerned about.

But what if we say that tiny little machine isn’t the only thing to blame for all those electromagnetic field-associated health risks? You’d be in sharp agreement. Yes, besides hair dryers, the other culprits of EMF radiation are what you operate on a day-to-day basis – from your cell phone, tablet, or laptop to your home router, smart meter, and so on.

Now, truth be told – like, with all other electronic devices, you’ll never ever be able to find a hair dryer that’s zero or low EMF unless it’s one without a motor!

The only way around this is a few top tips on choosing and using the hair dryer that ensures you’re keeping yourself and your clients far less likely to be affected by the EMF radiation emitted.

We decided to get started with those tips before getting to the recommended hair dryers and other useful information. So, let’s get straight into it!

How to Make A Hair Dryer Safer EMF-Wise?

1. The Dryer and Head Distance

Keeping the dryer at a reasonable distance from your hair makes a big difference in having safer blowouts. ‘more’ distance equals ‘less’ likelihood of yourself being caught up by that radiation emitted.

Here, a physics law called the ‘inverse square law’ is at play. This law says that as we double our distance from a radiation source, we quarter our exposure to the radiation emitted. The key is to keep your dryer even a few inches farther from your hair than you usually would.

Would a farther distance affect the drying time of hair? Yes, it definitely would. But only if your dryer needs to be more powerful to deliver an airspeed and heat stronger enough to dry hair quickly.

We kept this very point in mind when sorting out the best low-EMF hair dryers for you – 

High-Power = reduced drying time!

2. Make Your Hair Slightly Damp

The second tip is towel-dry your hair before blow-drying it. The drier (ideally slightly damp) your hair, the shorter the drying time will be. And accompanying the reasonable dryer-head distance with reduced drying time will bring out good results with less or no damage!

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How Much Can EMF Radiation A Regular Hair Dryer Emit?

Compared to other smaller electronics, hair dryers can emit massive radiation. A regular hair dryer can emit 60 to 20,000 milligauss (mG) at a four-inches distance from your hair. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) safe level ranges from 0. 5mG-2.5mG. Yes, a regular hair dryer can be more hazardous than you think.

To help you determine how much dryer-head distance is safer, below are some authentic facts on how much radiation hair dryers emit at specific lengths.

According to the Long Island Power Authority,

  • 1 Inch Distance: 60 mG – 200 mG
  • 1 Foot Distance: .1 mG – 1.5 mG
  • 3 Foot Distance: <.1 mG

Top 7 Low EMF Hair Dryers: Pick Your Favorite One Right Now!

Beyond selecting the hair dryers that are low EMF, we wanted to ensure they look great and bring in front some great features too that you don’t want to miss. So we took time and bought these 7 out of hundreds of others available.

1. Parlux Eco-Friendly Hair Dryer

We just loved – and you’ll surely too – starting our list of the best low EMF hair dryers with something that doubles the safety. Yes, this Parlux hair dryer is sure to have low EMF and is also designed to be ozone-friendly.

The dryer comes with a 2100-watt powerful motor and 2 air/4 heat options. This is enough power to dry hair quickly, making it less likely to be damaged and exposed to EMF radiation. Plus, the built-in silencer keeps the dryer less noisy, regardless of such a high-power motor!

This Parlux dryer features ionic and ceramic technologies that ensure shiny, frizz-free results every time you blow dry your hair.

Why You Should Buy it

  • A 2100-watt powerful motor with a silencer
  • Ionic and ceramic technologies for smoother results
  • It comes with 2 concentrator nozzles
  • Multiple heats and air speeds

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It may stop working after a few months

2. TREZORO Ionic Lightweight Low EMF Hair Dryer

We have so many good reasons to slip this TREZORO hair dryer into the list!

This dryer features a powerful 2200-watt DC motor with HeatPro technology. This means that even if you keep the dryer farther from your head, you’ll still receive constant, concentrated heat and airflow while avoiding heat damage simultaneously.

Quiet and lightweight, TREZORO designed this dryer out of many technologies that make it even more favorable for people with varying hair types. The built-in ionic system boosts hydration, while the ceramic tourmaline grill generates infrared heat. That directly translates to a damage-less drying experience while making hair smoother, softer, and frizz-free.

The only thing that bothered us was 2 airspeed settings paired with 3 heat settings. With an airspeed of ‘medium’ and ‘high,’ it sometimes becomes tricky to adjust airflow, especially if you have fine hair.

Why You Should Buy it

  • A powerful 2200-watt DC motor
  • In-built ionic system and ceramic tourmaline grills
  • It comes with a hanging loop, diffuser, and a removable filter for easy cleaning

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Requires more care when used on thin fine hair

3. Elchim Healthy Professional Ceramic and Ionic Hair Dryer

If you’re struggling with drying very thick hair in less time, this Elchim hair dryer is perfect for making things easier and quicker. The dryer’s strong 2000-watt motor reduces drying time to 30% while ensuring constant airflow.

Infused with ionic and ceramic techs, the dryer shows its full potential when you want your hair to look glossy after each blowout. You’ll find 2 speed and 3 heat options which you can use to customize your blowouts as per your hair type and heat required.

While the company has labeled it as ‘for all hair types,’ we found it more potent for finer hair types. Overall, it’s worth the price to achieve salon-like blowouts while staying home!

Why You Should Buy it

  • A 2000-watt strong motor
  • 2 airspeeds, 3 temperature settings
  • Les noisy, lightweight
  • Ionic and ceramic technologies

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Some people found it a bit heavier

4. CHI Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

When you want something feather-weighted yet compelling in the low EMF category, this CHI professional dryer becomes the first to be picked. The 1875-watt heating element dries hair quickly, ensuring you’re not risking hair damage and prolonged exposure to EMF emitted.

While blow drying, the 2 airspeed, and 3 temp options allow for a customizable drying experience, and the nozzle and diffuser attachments make it easy for you to achieve desired styles. Once you finish drying, you’ll see how frizz-free and shiny your hair becomes thanks to its ionic and ceramic systems.

Why You Should Buy it

  • An 1875-watt powerful motor
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy storage and traveling
  • A diffuser and nozzle concentrator included
  • 2 speed/3 heat settings

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It should be used carefully on finer hair

5. SUTRA Professional Hair Dryer with Infrared Technology

Sutra, a small business, needs your support now! The brand has a massive favor in return for your generosity in the form of this particular hair dryer. The dryer features infrared technology, the latest technology that dries hair more quickly than its standard heating technology counterparts. With a powerful brushless motor and multiple heat and speed options, you’ll always be on the quick go for each drying session.

Why You Should Buy it

  • Strong brushless motor
  • Ceramic coil-based infrared technology
  • Lightweight design
  • Multiple heats and speed settings

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Some people find it a bit expensive

6. Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

If you think fine hair is prone to damage when exposed to the high power of a dryer, you guess right. But this Drybar Professional dryer is waiting to prove you wrong!

Though suitable for all hair types, this dryer delicately dries fine hair and always leaves you with all-shiny, frizz-free hair. Two added concentrator nozzles make it easy to achieve your dream styles in seconds.

Why You Should Buy it

  • A powerful motor that reduces drying time to 20%!
  • Ionic technology for a smoother finish
  • Lightweight design with multiple heat settings

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Some people complained that it initially becomes noisy when turned on

7. FHI Heat Turbo Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Finding an all-rounder hair dryer that’s both low EMF and powerful enough for quick drying pushed us toward finishing our roundup of the best quiet EMF hair dryers right here!

The dryer’s 1900-watt powerful motor and multiple air/heat options minimize hair damage risks. Plus, the added ceramic and tourmaline technologies do nothing but dry hair evenly and quickly, reducing drying time to 50%.

While the ionic system delivers shine and gloss to your hair, the nano fusion technology adds more shine and conditioning. At last, we just loved the added attachments that define your unique hairstyles in a matter of seconds.

Why You Should Buy it

  • A 1900-watt high-power motor
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technologies reduce drying time to 50%
  • It comes with a styling nozzle, diffuser, and a comb
  • Ionic technology for frizz control and shiny hair

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It may take some extra time to dry very thick hair.

How To Find The Best EMF Hair Dryer | Buying Guide

Even if we’ve come up with the top options available in the low EMF dryers category, you still need a green signal to pick one. The most important part is figuring out whether the dryer you’re going to choose is worth the price and effort or not.

So, let’s together make sure you always choose the right product.

The wattage of the Dryer

As said earlier, a dryer’s power makes a big difference in proving its low EMF. The higher the dryer’s wattage, the quicker it dries your hair. And even when such a dryer is kept at a distance than usual, it’s still powerful enough to dry hair quickly, reducing your head’s exposure to EMF radiation.

The ideal wattage range to achieve the best results in this context is between 1800 and 2300 watts. Any lower or higher wattage dryer will likely increase the drying time and damage your hair.

Multiple Airspeed and Temperature Settings

Having only one standard air and heating setting doesn’t make a dryer worth the price, even if it lies in the low EMF category. Multiple air/heat settings allow you to set both functions based on your hair type and how much time you want to spend with the dryer. As you adjust the dryer’s airflow and heat that suit your hair, you’re less likely to cause your hair to get burnt out. Find that your hair is easily adaptable to even the highest heat/airflow. You can use it and reduce drying time.

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Technologies (Ionic, Ceramic, Tourmaline)

While all of these technologies work to add more shine and prevent breakage to your hair, they become even more compulsory when it comes to choosing a low-EMF dryer.

Negative ion blow dryers lock moisture in the hair, ensuring frizz-free results. At the same time, both ceramic and tourmaline distribute heat more evenly, drying hair in less time, which is something you need when wanting to avoid hair damage, as well as minimum exposure to EMF radiation.

Added Attachments (Nozzle, Diffuser, and Comb)

Though all these tools do nothing in making a low EMF dryer, they do wonders when it comes to achieving salon-like hairstyles at home!

A nozzle throws concentrated air onto a specific head area, helping you achieve minimal hairstyles quickly. In contrast, the diffuser helps add volume to hair and achieve wavy styles in seconds.

You can always use a comb while blow drying your hair, but a built-in comb makes your things handled one-handed.

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Putting All That Together

Your efforts to save yourself and the world are inevitable, and we’re always with you in all those struggles done for the greater good! We hope you’ll find your best low EMF hair dryer out of the list; till then, wishing you the safest blowouts, anytime, every time!

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