How to Wear a Bodysuit with a Big Belly? Avoid The Burnout Forever!

Whether a small or a beer belly, it should never stop you from wearing the bodysuit you love. It shouldn’t make you skip the gorgeous bodysuit at your next hang-out with friends or colleagues. It’s also not allowed to make you jealous of those who achieve a sleeker silhouette in a bodysuit.

The truth is: Camouflaging your belly in a bodysuit is more accessible – and fun – than you think. It’s all about creativity and incorporating outfits you already have in your closet with your bodysuit. The secret can be in the color you choose, layers, accessories, or the type/style of bottoms you wear.

In this full-of-alternates guide, we offer some hacks that are super easy and quick to adapt.

Here’s an overview of the guide:

  • How to choose one – Includes dos and don’ts when choosing a bodysuit, so you always go right from the beginning.
  • Styling a bodysuit on a big belly – Includes tips and hacks on how to look slimmer and stylish when wearing a bodysuit on a big belly. And;
  • How to boost confidence – This consists of some mental approaches you can follow to live in the present and prove naysayers wrong!

So, are you ready to avoid those pesky tummy bulges, look gorgeous, and feel immensely confident?

Benefits of Wearing a Bodysuit

  • It provides maximum coverage and support to a large midsection, from the tummy to the waistline.
  • It can help to minimize the appearance of your belly By creating a smooth, streamlined silhouette. Though nonetheless fake, you somehow acquire a sleek and chic look.
  • It allows you to create different looks depending on the bottoms you pair it with.

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Choosing the Right Bodysuit for Your Body Type

If you aren’t intelligent – and knowledgeable – about choosing the fitting bodysuit with your belly and body type in mind, all your efforts toward styling one with your big belly would likely go in vain. So, here’s how to do that:

Consider The Fabric and Stretch

You need to be picky about the fabric and stretch levels of the bodysuit. Look for the supportive fabric that has extra stretch and feels all-comfy all day long. Additionally, a bodysuit with an extra-stretch style slides over your belly while you move around instead of clutching the bulges and showing them off to the world!

Among various fabric types, spandex is one of the stretchiest materials. But wearing it too long or regularly can make you more susceptible to allergies. Moisture gets trapped since spandex cannot absorb sweat, which helps bacteria and other allergens to enter the skin.

Choose a Floral Print Bodysuit

Let’s recall one of the fashion industry’s traditional, popular rules of thumb: The print on your outfit can make a big difference in how your body looks. And the same applies when you’re trying to wear a bodysuit on a large belly.

Back to floral prints – they aren’t just appealing and visually busy; bodysuits with floral prints make you look slimmer by creating an illusion of a sleeker frame. In fact, according to,

“The golden rule of cloth prints is that the smaller they are, the smaller you appear.” This also means that even if something ‘floral’ isn’t your thing, go for smaller prints adhering to the rule!

Look for a Bodysuit With an Empire Waist (aka High Waist)

The point of an empire waist bodysuit is that the fitted bodice drapes out under the bust line rather than at the natural waistline. With such above-from-the-waistline draping, these bodysuits create a long line of fabric from the “waist” to the hem.

It turns out that the empire waist bodysuit doesn’t rely on a thin waist to give it its shape and, thereby, is particularly flattering on women with thicker waists (bigger bellies!

High-waist bodysuits have a unique added benefit to shorter women – the raised waistline can create the appearance of added height!

Choose Darker Colors

This hack isn’t more than a slimming fashion trick like the floral prints above.

Darker shades of colors like blue, purple, and brown can help to hide insecurities and create a slimming illusion. No darker color appeals at all? Black never fails to make you look slim and elegant!

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Styling a Bodysuit With a Big Belly: Some Super-easy Hacks!

Pair with High-Waisted Jeans

Want a bodysuit pairing that helps hide flaws while looking perfect on all body types? If yes, slip your bodysuit into high-waisted jeans that firmly sit above your belly and provide maximum coverage.

While supporting your midsection from all around, these jeans will nicely compress your tummy, putting your curves on display while still looking good. By doing all these functions, they help to create an elongated silhouette and draw attention away from your midsection.

Try a Flared or A-line Skirt

Believe it or not, the style of bottoms you pair your bodysuit with makes your tummy look smaller and slimmer. Let’s prove that with logic!

Imagine someone in a tight bodysuit paired with tight skinny jeans. With the legs appearing sleeker, even a smaller tummy bulge will be noticeable, regardless of whether you pay attention to it! Now imagining the opposite will automatically create the opposite visual.

A pair of bottoms that are loose and flowy will do the trick. Baggy bottoms form a mostly-even-looking appearance from top to bottom, helping you achieve a smoother midsection.

You can go for a flared or a line skirt or a loose legging, whichever bottom suits you best.

Layer with a Cardigan or Jacket

This winter, reserve a jacket or cardigan when you feel cold about your looks in a bodysuit!

A blazer, jacket, or cardigan can make you appear leaner by diverting attention from your problem areas to the more attractive details.

You only need to consider the garment’s length and color. Make sure it’s lengthy enough to offer full coverage to your midsection. Plus, it should be blended well with the color of the bodysuit. A floral printed jacket is the best match for a bodysuit with a plain color, and vice-versa.

Accessorize with Statement Belt

When wearing a bodysuit on a big belly, waist-cinching accessories like elastic cinching waist belts create more shape and definition around your middle. In addition, they also elongate your waistline, making you look sleeker from your bust line to your belly button.

But this hack has its setbacks – having to remain consciously maintaining your posture and long hours of wear could cause slight back pain and muscle stiffness. Nonetheless, it’s a good hack if you wear the bodysuit for short periods.

Put on a Shapewear Underneath

The miraculous garment that needs no introduction, shapewear can help you achieve a sleeker silhouette while you confidently show off your curves. A shapewear helps to smooth out bulges around your midsection, making wearing a bodysuit less stressful.

But with plenty of shapewear options available on the market, choosing one that fulfills your slimming needs can take time. So, you need a resource that simplifies things and suggests shapewear that offers maximum coverage to your midsection while keeping you all comfy throughout the day.

Tips for Wearing a Bodysuit with Confidence

Embrace Your Body

If you think about it, most things in life boil down to ‘accepting ourselves’ the way we are. Though weaknesses ought to be considered, honing our strengths overweighs them. So the same goes for your body type, shape, and weight!

Whether you have a pear or apple shape, the key to looking gorgeous in a bodysuit is confidently and happily accepting that your body is unique and needs special treatment.

Acceptance allows you to choose an outfit, a bodysuit in particular, considering your comfortability and creative ways to adjust an otherwise seemingly unsuitable dress perfectly. Rather than constantly despising yourself for not being able to wear specific clothing, you find ‘alternative’ and creative ways to incorporate that outfit to suit your unique body shape the best way possible.

Sure it can take some time and practice to get there, but it’s doable at the end of the day.

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Find a Good Fit

Nothing can kill your looks in a bodysuit, like a suit being either too tight to shorten your breathing or it’s a few inches long that turns things from bad to worse, look-wise.

Before even buying a bodysuit, the time spent measuring your sizing correctly will pay off in the long run. There needs to be more room for ‘guesses’ in bodysuits for people with bigger bellies.

So, ensure you provide the bodysuit seller with the accurate size, and nothing’s left to drag your confidence levels down once you’re dressed up!

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

Newness is often a pathway to uniqueness. This can be especially true for you if you have a big belly and are afraid to try different outfits. You may presume your body isn’t for specific dresses and vice-versa. Perhaps you even tried that outfit once but decided not to try it again just because it didn’t suit your body effortlessly.

Sometimes the key to adjusting to something new requires some creativity and modifications. Your asking the question ‘how to wear a bodysuit with a big belly’ proves you are never afraid of trying something new. You wanted some solution, so you found the hacks above!

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Final Thought

So, you aren’t lucky enough to have zero flaws and look fabulous in every outfit you wear. But if you accept your body, go brighter, and follow the hacks above, no one can stop you from looking enviably gorgeous in a bodysuit worn on a big belly. Till you completely overcome your insecurities, wishing you the best of luck!

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