Does shapewear Reduce Belly Fat? A Detailed Yet Easy Explanation

Have you ever met a lady who was invited to a dance party but refused to go there? If yes then there’s a reason behind it. The only reason she does that is because she isn’t comfortable in her skin. She always wished to break the ground at the party but was scared about ending up breaking the floor!

That’s not to say that you’ve been facing the same scenario, but with a fat body, especially a large stomach, you too can miss out on a lot of fun. You might have heard about the shapewear and have found one that flattens your belly. But wearing shapewear doesn’t slim your body permanently – the compression this garment puts on the skin is the thing that temporarily gives you a slimmer-looking appearance. Now, you might have heard from somebody else, or maybe it’s your curiosity that has made you ask the question, “Does shapewear reduce belly fat?”, or in simpler terms, “Can shapewear help lose weight?” No matter what’s the case, you’re in the place where you’ll find what’s rumor and what’s true. So, let’s start with the main query first.

Does Shapewear Reduce Belly Fat?

No, shapewear isn’t a medical product enabling you to lose belly fat. Instead, it’s a garment that just gives off a bit of a temporary slimming effect to your body. But as an exception, a type of shapewear that may help reduce a few inches is the waist trainer, aka waist cincher.

Can Shapewear Reshape Your Body Permanently?

We find no direct connection between this question and the main query under discussion. The only reason this very idea appears is that there is a kind of ‘clearing the concepts’ on my end. I recently published a post about whether shapewear can reshape your body permanently or not, and I combined ‘no’ with rejecting waist trainers/steel-boned corsets as the answer. These types of shapewear may cause your internal organs to displace and create complications rather than provide you with comfort.

But there’s an exception. As far as your belly is concerned, adequate usage of waist trainers is okay. On the contrary, if you hand over the kinds of shapewear made up of steel bones and designed to cover your body entirely, then it’s going to be a living hell for you to be in that big piece of clothing. You wear shapewear to be called a sexy, glorious, curvy lady, not an ironwoman. Moreover, adapting some general yet effective principles to choosing and using shapewear as well as being wise in terms of handling waist trainers are the only steps towards reducing major pounds from your tummy.

How Does A Waist Trainer Work?

A waist trainer pulls your midsection in and gives you a sleeker, slimmer, and hourglass body shape. This compression effect is just because of flexible steel or soft plastic strips/bones fixed within the garment. However, waist trainers are linked with some bodily complications nowadays, so read on to make waist training safe and comfortable.

Waist Training: Shrink Your Belly Safely and Effectively!

Let’s first look at how waist trainers can help you lose a few inches from your belly.

It Boosts Up Sweating

Wearing a waist trainer while working out leads to a faster and more than usual heat and sweat production on your circumference. Therefore, both your efforts and belly fat start reducing in no time.

Keeps You from Overeating

A tight compression fit of the waist trainer creates an artificial feeling of fullness and thus encourages you to eat less. This limited food intake proves to be much more beneficial for the wearers. Aren’t there other ways to make me feel fuller other than a waist trainer? Yes, there are, and at the top of the list is your self-control. Develop enough self-control to be able to eat less and skip wearing any shapewear or waist trainer.

Tips to Making Waist Training Safer

Waist trainers fell out of fashion due to the health risks they may pose to the wearer. But a hard rule of thumb here is to listen to the voice of your body. As long as you feel comfortable, you can keep having a waist trainer on. Similarly, in case you’re seemingly unlikely to bear the garment, take a break to adjust things. What I’m going to mention below is an unfortunate reality if you do waist training incorrectly. Also, doing too much and too fast is a sure way to bring to you the harms of waist trainers. Now, Let’s take a look at the possible adverse effects of the garment and how to minimize them.

Waist Trainers Displace Your Organs

Yes, that’s true if you keep on wearing it for a long time and don’t handle it the way it deserves to be. For example, it’s crucial to be wise in terms of choosing and using commonly-used shapewear. Likewise, being careful to use a waist trainer is a must to prevent any harm. You should:

  • Consult your physician before using a waist trainer is always advisable.
  • Start wearing a waist trainer for 1-2 hours a day, especially during your workouts.
  • Choose the right fit. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that going down on the size would work better.
  • Take time. Bigger changes require more patience, care, and courage. Don’t rush towards achieving your slimming goals. Start with the least amount of wearing time and as your body accepts it, increase the duration accordingly.

It May Cause Dehydration

It will surely do that if you’re not taking in enough water and other liquids throughout the day, especially during exercise.

Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Wearing even common shapewear while pregnant can harm your baby. So how can you afford to wear tight shapers like that of a waist trainer? You must avoid any type of body shaper unless the baby has come out! Interestingly, women who wear waist support garments experience a reduction in pain and bleeding after cesarean delivery. Also, a waist trainer aids in correcting thinned or loose skin after delivery.

The 3 Best Waist Trainers to Choose From

To your ease, I just handpicked the three best waist trainers that can make you whatever you desire your midsection to look like. Here we go!

1. Lover-Beauty Latex Waist Trainers Vest for Women

Lover-Beauty Latex Waist Trainers Vest for Women
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  • 100% Natural and High-quality Latex
  • Odor-resistant, Comfortable, and Durable Fabric
  • 3 Hooks and Eye Closure for Easy Wearing and Customizable Fit
  • Provides Full Tummy Coverage and Extra Sweating
  • Special Front U-type Anti-droop Design Supports and Shapes Upper Body
  • 9 Steel Bones for Enhanced Tummy and Back Support

Lover-Beauty Latex Waist Trainer Vest for Women makes sure that you stay at a maximum level of ease, and comfort, and are a step closer to losing belly fat. The vest’s durable and less-smelling quality is just because of the high-quality latex it’s made of. Plus, this body shaper contains 9 Steel Bones and has a Special front U-type anti-droop design, making it a comfortable multi-occasional waist cincher. Three belts on the undergarment cover every inch of your stomach, no matter how large it is. And such full coverage helps the area sweat more with the least effort. Moreover, with three hooks and eye closure, adjusting or readjusting fitting always remains on your fingertips.

2. Wonder-Beauty Latex Sweat Vest Women Waist Trainer

Wonder-Beauty Latex Sweat Vest Women Waist Trainer
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  • Super-stretchy and Comfortable, 100% Latex Fabric
  • Reduces your Waist Up to 3 Inches Instantly
  • 9 Spiral Steel Bones for Enhanced Tummy and Waist Support
  • Help Postpartum Ladies Achieve an Hourglass Figure
  • Unique Underbust Design for Extra Bust Support
  • Comes with a Return or Refund Policy

Wonder-Beauty Latex Sweat Vest for Women is the other name for an instant slimming effect as well as acquiring a flat stomach over a short period. And all this happens smoothly, efficiently, and by just staying in your comfort zone! The stretchy fabric makes the vest easy to put on, 3 hooks provide complete wrapping and proper fitting from the abdomen to the waistline. Plus, 9 Steel Bones ensure full support whether you’re just sitting or doing sports. You see 2-3 inches have gone somewhere immediately after you wear the vest and its sweat-producing ability helps you lose significant pounds with just a tiny amount of effort. Additionally, its breast-supporting design keeps your bust erect while the comfortable body fit moves during workouts easily and effectively.

3. Squeem Women’s Firm Control Strapless Waist Cincher

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  • 75% Rubber, and 25% Cotton for a High Comfort Level
  • Internal Flexible Steel Bones for Superior Support and Posture
  • Offers Incredible Waist Shaping and Tummy Control
  • Perfect Fit for Postpartum Recovery
  • Provides Moderate Bust Lifting and Full Back Support

The only vest that equally serves on-pregnant ladies and new moms is the Squeem Perfectly Curvy Strapless Waist Cincher. And I’ve got real proof for such a statement. The vest’s incredible design and flexible steel bones support their back and thus minimize back pain and improve posture for postpartum ladies. Also, the vest’s bust-friendly design keeps the saggy breasts firm and erect. 75% rubber and 25% cotton content keep your comfort levels to their highest, while a double hook and eye closure confirm that the vest quickly and desirably fits onto your midsection area. Squeem Strapless Waist Cincher shows off your sexy curves no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing.

5 Types of Shapewear That Boost Your Confidence

How Does Shapewear Reduce Belly Fat
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If hiding just an extended tummy is your primary goal, then going for the 10 best shapewear for a large stomach is your next step. On the contrary, if your body is full of so many worry spots near each other, then here’s a screaming deal for you.

Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

No matter how gorgeous an outfit you’ve put on, that flesh bump on the lower belly ruins everything. Try the 10 best shapewear for lower belly pooch to smoothen the way towards getting a slimmer tummy. However, my personal preference for lower belly pooch goes to Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts.

Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts
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Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

  • 360° Coverage from Tummy to Thighs
  • Smoothing and Sculpting
  • High Compression Level
  • Creates a Smooth and Seamless Look
  • Features Anti-slip Technology
  • Machine Washable

Shapewear for Tummy and Back Fat

Any of these 10 best shapewear for tummy and back fat is enough to enhance your front-rear appearance. But if you ask me, I’d recommend Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear.

Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear
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Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear

  • Exclusive Lycra Mesh Design
  • Released Hip Pressure and Added Core Stability
  • Natural Butt Lift Effect
  • 3D Stereo Cutting
  • Enhanced Tummy Control
  • Double-Needle Stitch

Shapewear for Tummy and waist

What causes a big belly is none other than stubborn fat on your belly front and circumference. Similarly, what makes your midsection desirably curvy is none other than a piece out of these 10 best shapewear for tummy and waist. Your Budget Beauty team had the best experience with FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear.

FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear
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FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear

  • 360 Degrees of Firm Compression and Trimming Action
  • Elastic and Breathable Fabric
  • Maximum Support for Postpartum Belly
  • Unique Bra Design
  • Unique Open Crotch Design
  • Double Compression to Correct Posture

Shapewear for Fupa

Fat Upper Pubic Area (FUPA) is layers of fat on the pubic bone and around the vaginal area. This muffin top-creating fluff is enough to ruin the glorious effects your outfits create. But a list of the 10 best shapewear for Fupa has the potential to regain your confidence. We believe Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear is the best one for FUPA.

Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear
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Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear

  • Multifunctional Full Body Shapewear
  • Ultra Strong Tummy Control
  • Heart-Shaped Hip Design with Resistance Band
  • Butt Lifting Effect and Breast Support
  • Shoulder Straps with 3 Rows of Hook Closure Design
  • 2 Plastic Bones to prevent Rolling
  • Open Crotch Design

Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses

A body-conscious, aka bodycon dress, is a tight, figure-hugging dress that shows off your sexy curves. But it also makes you over-conscious about whatever is wrong with your body. Here, the ultimate list of the 10 best shapewear for bodycon dresses always comes to the rescue. Our team’s response towards FeelinGirl Seamless Firm Triple Control Bodysuit Shapewear was the most positive in all aspects.

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FeelinGirl Seamless Firm Triple Control Bodysuit Shapewear

  • Top Grade Spanx and Nylon Fabrics
  • Convenient Zipper Crotch Design
  • Peach Buttock For Single Fabric in Hip
  • Plastic Bones to Prevent Rolling
  • Adjustable and Detachable Shoulder Straps

Final Thoughts

So, as one way leads to other ways, a simple question ‘Does shapewear reduce belly fat’ took us on many paths where we learned a lot of things. From learning how a waist trainer works, its possible negative impacts, and how to make waist training safer and easier, we found nothing left undiscussed. Above all, with lots of shapewear varieties available, you don’t find it hard to look sexier and feel confident all day. Whether you search for shapewear to lift and firm your buttocks, to control your tummy, or to create actual curves, you’ll never end up being disappointed. Remember that each new thing in your life takes some time to adjust. So you need to have a bit of patience. Wishing you the very best of luck in a safer and more effective yet result-oriented journey of waist training!

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