Can You Wear Shapewear While Pregnant? Simple Answer to A Tough Question

That innocent soul never wants to keep you from acquiring a sleek, smooth, firm, trimmed, and curvy physique. After all, they are truly innocent, and this unsafe world is unseen to them. From your part, your motherhood would never allow you to even think of harming your little angel by any means.

Now, assuming the answer to the question “Can you wear shapewear while pregnant?” or the moral of the story turns out to be “no,” what should you do then? Anything except throwing shapewear from your wardrobe. Consider reading what kind of shapewear you can wear while pregnant, when you’re in postpartum recovery, and of course, read about how to stay mentally calm and relaxed during those challenging yet exciting nine months. The catch here is that you’ll find how to handle the shapewear in the safest way possible for you and your baby. So, let’s first get straight into the primary concern real quick.

Can You Wear Shapewear While Pregnant?

No. For regular shapewear, including belly fat-reducing waist cinchers, wearing them during pregnancy is never a comfortable choice for yourself and your baby. However, as a special option, there is maternity shapewear for pregnancy that gives you the shape you desire. Read on to find out what’s the best maternity and other post-pregnancy shapewear options available.

A straightforward ‘No’ to the question “Can you wear shapewear while pregnant?” doesn’t mean you should immediately slip these miraculous undergarments into your not-to-do list. Instead, there’s an interesting exception. Some types of shapewear whose point is to define your shape from your bottom are the perfect, safe, handy options. Some examples can include shapewear like shaping slips, butt-lifting and slimming shapewear, shaping skirts, and thigh shapers. What makes them a safer shaping option is that they don’t have anything to do with your belly at all. They’re generally cut into around the hip level, consistently below the belly button, and don’t reach the risky area of your body, i.e., baby in the belly!

Now, before proceeding to the things your body needs, you must look at what your mind needs. You must become your hero, lead yourself, and then take any significant step during pregnancy. Don’t let your changing body symbolize shame, shyness, hesitation, and a reason to despise yourself. Here’s what mental approach you should gain during those special 9 months.

Enjoy Your Present Only

No doubt, thinking about your pre-pregnancy body and how difficult it will be to get back to that shape haunts and hurts. Above all, these thoughts are something that appears, again and again, literally every fifth minute. Firstly, you’ll find a genuine solution to how you can regain your lost charm during pregnancy at the end of the article. And what you can do right now is just think of what you’re getting in return for being pregnant instead of lamenting about what you once had. Having a baby, taking care of it, and compromising on yourself isn’t a simple task. But, you’re the brave and gentle lady of all time!

Take Time to Process Information

Some comments from others like “Wow, you’re getting big” might lead you to hide your pregnancy. They also make you overthink about the curvy and slimming appearance you had before pregnancy. That sort of thinking isn’t good for you and the baby. Remember, you’re growing a miracle inside you. You’re going to give life to someone. You’ve never been much more caring about things than you are now. What an incredible transformation it is. Isn’t it?

3 Best Maternity Shapewear for Pregnant Women

Below are my 3 top picks for maternity shapewear whose job is to throw off all the fears of appearing as a big lady. From tucking your tummy to offering you the smoothest curves, they cover all of your worry spots.

1. Spanx Power Mama Shaper

Spanx Power Mama Shaper
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  • 85% Nylon, 15% Lycra® Spandex Material
  • Moderate Safe Compression Level
  • Ultra Smoothing on Hips, Thighs, and Backside
  • Comfortable and Flattering Back and Belly Control
  • Incredible Lower Back Support
  • Built-in Cotton Gusset Eliminates the Need for Underwear

Spanx Mama Shaper always fits at the top of the list of the best shapewear for pregnant women. And there are lots of reasons for the Number 1 position. First, the shaper’s unique design supports the lower back, a common problem almost all expected moms experience for months. An incredibly comfortable control flattens out the baby bump and smoothens your thighs, making you look and feel proud of yourself! The catch here is a built-in gusset. For so many shapewear lovers, deciding whether or not to wear underwear with shapewear becomes a daunting challenge. Spanx Mama Shaper’s gusset opening makes panties a matter of your personal preference. The gusset’s 66% cotton content makes it capable of completely absorbing all the moisture underneath.

Additionally, the company makes sure you’re getting exactly what you purchased this item for. You can return the unworn piece along with the tag and original packaging if you’re not satisfied.

2. Leonisa Women’s Seamless Maternity Support Panty

Leonisa Womens Seamless Maternity Support Panty
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  • Soft and Stretchy Material
  • Fantastic Lower Back Support
  • Maximum Support on Hips, Thighs, and Below the Belly
  • Incredible Butt Lifting Effect
  • No Rolling Down or Up

Next comes the Leonisa Maternity Support Panty that offers super control to both your front and rear. And this happens without compromising on the comfort level you need. The shapewear gives you a more admirable backside and a muffin-top-free belly through the compression below the abdomen and hip area. Also, this maternity support panty, unlike Spanx, doesn’t suck your skin in but smoothens out the area by leveling up the layers of fat. The part covering the belly is exceptionally soft, stretchy, and breathable – you can feel air coming through. The same belly section, despite having milder compression, can perfectly slim the belly and is expandable while you grow up in the later months of pregnancy.

3. Belly Bandit – Thighs Disguise Pregnancy Shapewear Shorts

Belly Bandit - Thighs Disguise Pregnancy Shapewear Shorts
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  • Grows with Your Body Due to its Super-stretchy Material
  • Tummy, Thighs, and Butt Lifting Effect
  • Proprietary WonderWeave Material Prevents Thigh Chafing
  • Stays Untouched with Any Creams or Oils on the Skin
  • Can be Worn Under All Types of Clothing

Belly Bandit Pregnancy Shorts is a must-have for jeans or skirts wearers and for those who are fans of bodycon dresses. The Shaper’s tight compression smooths out thighs, buttocks, and pregnancy lumps and bumps but still is comfy and – only a bathroom visit reminds you’re wearing the Shorts. Plus, preventing VPL (visible panty lines) is one of the additional features of the Belly Bandit Pregnancy Shorts that make it stand out on other similar shaping garments.

Safe Handling is the Only Key to Desired Results

Safe Handling is the Only Key to Desired Results
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An essential element of how a commonly used shapewear works is knowing how to choose and use the piece. And maternity shapewear is no exception at all – after all, special wears for special people require special treatment. So, here’s what you should and should not do while opting for maternity shapewear.

Compression Level

With a growing body, your urge to maintain a sleek silhouette is justifiable. But that shaping goal shouldn’t be at the expense of your comfort and your baby’s safety. Start from light to medium compression gradually as your body starts tolerating a bit more compression. Never opt for a super-mega high compression since such a piece would manage all the lumps and bumps but would be highly uncomfortable.

Shapewear Type

The easiest practical way to prove that you don’t love your baby is using a waist trainer aka waist cincher every single day till the day that baby finally comes out.

5 Types of Shapewear: Celebrate Your Motherhood

You should just stop asking, “Can you wear shapewear while pregnant?” now. Tough days are gone. It’s time to experience the unique lusciousness of motherhood. It’s time to regain a slimmer, curvier, and smoother body and get closer to a kind of reshaping permanence with the help of shapewear. So let’s see what magical wear is waiting to serve each part of your body.

Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

The lower belly tends to be the place where fluff collects the most for many post-pregnancy ladies. Although targeted exercises may help tone your abs muscles, the only key to erasing those ‘deposits’ is losing weight overall. But, hey, would you rather hit the gym for hours a day than look after the baby? The only solution is to opt for any of these 10 best shapewear for lower belly pooch and hide and get a toned and taut tummy with the least effort. However, my personal preference for a lower belly pooch goes to Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts.

Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts
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Shapermint High Waisted Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

  • 360° Coverage from Tummy to Thighs
  • Smoothing and Sculpting
  • High Compression Level
  • Creates a Smooth and Seamless Look
  • Features Anti-slip Technology
  • Machine Washable

Shapewear for Tummy and Back Fat

That annoying fat on the belly and the back altogether does nothing but fade the enjoyment of being a mother. Above all, strenuous workouts and diet plans are taking you long to lose even a single pound. But the instant fix for your front and back appearance is nothing but any of the 10 best shapewear for tummy and back fat. But if you ask me, I’d recommend Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear.

Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear
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Lover-Beauty Seamless Tummy Control Back Trimming Shapewear

  • Exclusive Lycra Mesh Design
  • Released Hip Pressure and Added Core Stability
  • Natural Butt Lift Effect
  • 3D Stereo Cutting
  • Enhanced Tummy Control
  • Double-Needle Stitch

Shapewear for Tummy and Waist

You keep hating your tummy and love handles as long as the stubborn fat on your core continues refusing to go. Attain sexier curves and a smoother belly with these 10 best shapewear for tummy and waist. Your Budget Beauty team had the best experience with FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear.

FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear
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FeelinGirl Tummy and Waist Control Bodysuit Shapewear

  • 360 Degrees of Firm Compression and Trimming Action
  • Elastic and Breathable Fabric
  • Maximum Support for Postpartum Belly
  • Unique Bra Design
  • Unique Open Crotch Design
  • Double Compression to Correct Posture

Shapewear for Fupa

Fat Upper Pubic Area (FUPA) is the collected fat all-around your vaginal area, creating a hate thing, i.e., muffin top. Nothing can be more tedious for a new mom than slipping into a pair of jeans while fighting with a muffin top. Any of these 10 best shapewear for Fupa would make outfit adjustments easy for you, forever. We believe Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear is the best one for FUPA.

Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear
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Lover-Beauty Tummy Control Butt Lifting Plus Size Shapewear

  • Multifunctional Full Body Shapewear
  • Ultra Strong Tummy Control
  • Heart-Shaped Hip Design with Resistance Band
  • Butt Lifting Effect and Breast Support
  • Shoulder Straps with 3 Rows of Hook Closure Design
  • 2 Plastic Bones to prevent Rolling
  • Open Crotch Design

Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses

Body-conscious, aka bodycon dress, is something that grabs your body like a glove. And this means you’re more likely to show off even the ugliest portions of your body. Each mama deserves to look their best in tight dressing, and these 10 best shapewear for bodycon dresses are bound to make this happen instantly. Our team’s response towards FeelinGirl Seamless Firm Triple Control Bodysuit Shapewear was the most positive in all aspects.

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FeelinGirl Seamless Firm Triple Control Bodysuit Shapewear

  • Top Grade Spanx and Nylon Fabrics
  • Convenient Zipper Crotch Design
  • Peach Buttock For Single Fabric in Hip
  • Plastic Bones to Prevent Rolling
  • Adjustable and Detachable Shoulder Straps

Final Thoughts

So the thing is: “Can you wear shapewear while pregnant?” was often controversial, with so many people worrying about the safety of the baby and the woman wearing shapewear. But such controversy is welcomed as long as it leaves something that can help cut down on the amount of the jiggle going on. Something that can help pregnant women look their best. And something that can keep you and baby safe, snug, and harmless to each other! We hope that you have an excellent postpartum period!

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